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The Year-End Review

This post includes how to accomplish a year-end review, how to sort experiences into a naughty list and a nice list, and instructions on creating a wish box. Read on!

As the 2022 winds down, it's time to do my annual year-end review. I do it to get a clear handle on what I spent my time and effort and attention on, and what manifested in my life. I contrast that with what I wish I'd spent more time and attention on, and what I wanted that didn't manifest. There will always be correlations between these two things. What we feed with our focus, grows and bears fruit.

This year has been a year of huge transition me. I've chosen to spend more time on writing, publishing, promotion, and as a result have had less time to devote to my Bliss Blog and Magic Shop. I'm pondering closing down the magic shop part of the site, and just keeping the blog and readings after the holidays. (Be sure to shop the Holiday Sale, because those items might not be replaced in the new year.)

Change is afoot. We are always changing, growing, and shifting our focus as we