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Think and Grow _________!

Fill in the blank in the title of this blog and you’ll get what I’m up to today.

But let me start at the beginning. I’m reading a great book by Napolean Hill, THINK AND GROW RICH.

It’s an old book, originally published in 1937 actually, but the ideas it presents are timeless. (The version shown here is for Kindle, updated for 2011 with forewards from Oprah, Steve Jobs, and more.) The language is a bit archaic, of course, but it gives you a list of principles for achieving your goals. Though it focuses on financial well being, I’m seeing no reason one couldn’t apply it to other aspects of life. Fitness. Health. Relationships. Anything. So just fill in the blank with what you want; Think and grow….?

The notion is pretty much what I already knew and is based on The Law of Attraction which states “that which is like unto itself is drawn” or in English, like attracts like, or more simply, birds of a feather flock together, or you create the life you believe in. Or what you think about, is what you get. Or if you spend every day waiting for something bad to happen to you, it will. Or believe it and you can achieve it.

This is my life philosophy and this book seems to be re-stating it (or pre-stating it, given its age. It even refers to this method as THE SECRET.) So naturally I like it. But the delivery and the slightly different slant make it almost a unique experience, like learning it all over again, because this is delivered like an Ali right hook up-side the head. POW! It’s not pussyfooting or tiptoeing or dancing in the daisies.

This book recommends deciding what you want, and going after it and not taking no for an answer. Not considering failure even a remote option. He even suggests burning bridges behind you so there’s no way you CAN retreat, and you MUST press on to success.

Now that sounds a little harsh. (And scary!) And I believe if you’re aligned with your desire, you don’t have to kill yourself to get it, it’ll come. When you’re really aligned, it’ll come. And yes, there are things in this book that I really don’t like. The author refused to teach his hearing impaired son sign language, in his determination that the boy would one day hear. I really cringed at that, and I wouldn’t do it or recommend it, and I’d probably suggest horsewhipping anyone who did. But the outcome was that the kid was eventually able to hear. So go figure, right?

Anyway, amid all the political incorrectness and behind the times (our times, not his) thinking, there are some really sound principles, exercises, practices and just pure Jillian Michaels style motivation. I mean, not accepting failure as an option, not taking no for an answer, these are things I haven’t really incorporated. I’ve sometimes been all, wishy washy instead when things I hoped to create in my reality did not happen.

Like, okay, I’m currently in size 10 jeans. I want to be in size 6 jeans. I’ve been in sixes before–hell, I’ve been in 4s. And not that long ago. I know I’m capable of it. I know how to do it. I know what works for me. But when I work at it for a few weeks and nothing happens, or I jog for a few weeks, and my knees start to hurt, I tell myself I must not be aligned about it, and then I go meditate some more.

I suspect Napolean Hill would not approve of that approach, nor would, I’m certain, Jillian Michaels.(Approve hell, she would kick my ass!)

Law of Attraction eases us toward alignment, toward basking and being happy, and focusing on the good things coming to us. And they do suggest action, but only inspired action. Meaning, get aligned, and the right ideas will come to you, and then and only then, should you execute those ideas. Action comes only after you get aligned, and are very clear about what action to take. Do that, and you’ll always succeed.

But you know what? There’s another step. And I think this book (and thinking about Jillian) has just gelled for me what it is.

1. Get aligned and be happy. 2. Understand what you want and why you want it. 3. Wait for inspiration before you take action toward achieving your goal. 4. Take that inspired action with confidence.

Nothing new so far, right? That’s totally today’s LOA laid out clear and simple. But I submit to you that what’s missing is step five.

5. Once you are inspired to a course of action, do not stop. Do not waver. Do not doubt. Do not accept failure as an option. Do not take no for an answer. Give up any notion of retreat. Do not rest until your goal is your reality.

Inspiration is pure, never wrong. When you’re aligned, and you feel a burning in your belly to do something, that’s inspiration. It’s one of those rare times when you’re truly in touch with the Divinity that is your higher self. So take that action and run with it. It came from the Source of all things, don’t doubt that it’s on target!

Inspired action means you’re going to ENJOY doing the work that follows. It’s going to be fun and fulfilling and rewarding to you. Not drudgery. If it’s drudgery you need to go back to step one.

And then of course, once you succeed, and what was a dream and then a goal and then an inspired plan becomes your new reality, you move on to step six.

6. Pick another goal and start all over again.

I’m going to jump all over this, incorporating it into my thinking, (and more over, my acting) and see how it works out for me. I’ll let you know.


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