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This week I’m going to give you three secrets that will open the floodgates of success for you if you follow them consistently.

Last week, I gave you homework. You were to stop complaining, and start counting your blessings by listing ten wonderful things that happened to you each day, right before bed. Did you do these things? If you didn’t, try starting them now. You can go back and review last week’s post here. This week, we’ll talk about 3 Secrets to Success that you can implement right now to begin to see growth like you’ve never seen before.

Secret 1: Define Success Make a list of all the things that represent success for you. Even better, make a Pinterest board or poster where you draw or paste images that represent the kind of success you want. If it’s a Bestseller List, print one up and insert your own name and title in one of the top spots. If it’s a dollar amount, photograph those bills or just write down the number wi