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This week I’m going to give you three secrets that will open the floodgates of success for you if you follow them consistently.

Last week, I gave you homework. You were to stop complaining, and start counting your blessings by listing ten wonderful things that happened to you each day, right before bed. Did you do these things? If you didn’t, try starting them now. You can go back and review last week’s post here. This week, we’ll talk about 3 Secrets to Success that you can implement right now to begin to see growth like you’ve never seen before.

Secret 1: Define Success Make a list of all the things that represent success for you. Even better, make a Pinterest board or poster where you draw or paste images that represent the kind of success you want. If it’s a Bestseller List, print one up and insert your own name and title in one of the top spots. If it’s a dollar amount, photograph those bills or just write down the number with big sparkly dollar signs. If it’s a fancy house, a dream vacation, a particular car, an award, add those things. Include everything you can think of that would indicate success to you. Having time to enjoy life, having customers who love your product and tell you so, receiving fan mail, having piles of great reviews, feeling proud of your work, feeling joyful while you create it, and my favorite, making a living by doing what you love. Take your time, make your list as long as possible, the longer the better. Include big things as well as small ones. Making a profit, being able to pay one bill a month with your business income, and then two, and so on. Fill your list. This is a beautifully aligning and empowering exercise.

Secret 2: Become a Success Detective Get out your magnifying glass, deerstalker hat and your old briar pipe, and go on the hunt. Your quarry? Signs, hints, and clues that indicate any of those things from that list you just made, are actually already in your life. I guarantee you, they are there. They are going quietly unnoticed while you whine about their lack. Imagine if you wanted a red ripe tomato, and planted tomato seeds in your garden. Imagine those seeds sprouting, and as you look at them, you say, “Darn! I just don’t have any tomatoes!” And then imagine them growing into big lush dark green plants while you look past them griping about how long its been since you’ve had a tomato. Imagine the little yellow blossoms sprouting all over the plants while you bitch about how many big, red tomatoes your neighbor has. The bees come and fertilize the plants, but you’re too busy with the lack of tomatoes to notice them.

Maybe you even swat them or go for your can of Raid. In fact you’re so focused on your lack of tomatoes that you stop watering your plants. You stop feeding them. You let the weeds grow up around them and choke them out. And then they die, and you keep on griping about having no tomatoes. Now let me put this in indie author terms. You’ve written the books, you’ve published them, and all you are talking about on your loops, on your lists, at your chapter meetings, everywhere, is how bad the market is. They’re just not selling, you say, fertilizing the “not selling” weeds and growing more of them. You get a couple of hateful reviews and you ask all your writer friends to go vote them

“unhelpful” to move them lower in the list, feeding the “nasty review” weeds and growing more of them. You get turned down for a Bookbub ad, and you go into an online rant about how unfair the selection process is, feeding those weeds so much that you’re ensuring you will be turned down again the next time you ask. Are you getting this? There is no lack. There is a steady and constant stream of abundance that you are either receiving or blocking. To receive, you have to focus on what you have in front of you. You have to find joy and celebrate madly every single sign of tomatoes, from the tiniest sprouts, to the lush plants, to the yellow blossoms, to the little green baby tomatoes, to the red ripe juice trickling down your chin. You have successes sprouting and growing in your career right now. Your focus on the successes already happening in your business is like watering them, to make them grow. Your celebration of each little sprout, is like the world’s most powerful fertilizer. These are the things that make your success grow. Attention and Celebration. Focus and Appreciation. Without them, those newborn successes shrivel and die and never reach their full potential. You cannot focus on what you don’t yet have, and get it. That was important. Let me repeat it. You cannot focus on what you do not have, and expect to receive it. It just doesn’t work. You get what you focus on, you grow and nurture and harvest, what you pay attention to. So if all your time online is spent ranting about things you don’t like, and don’t want, then those very things are what you are watering and fertilizing and growing. And “Not Success” is going to be your harvest. Secret 3: Align With What You Want We humans have a lot of self-limiting image problems. We see Mariah Carey’s 35 karat engagement ring, and think of her almost as a different species of human. We think of ourselves as different from her. We’re just ordinary people, not superstars. We’re just everyday folks with everyday lives. Short of winning the lottery, we can’t truly imagine having that kind of success.

So you want a successful business, you want to become wealthy, you want to make a million bucks. But deep down, you just can’t quite visualize yourself as a millionaire. You see yourself as separate from that.

It is very very hard to manifest something you don’t believe is possible for you. This is why “ordinary people” who win the lottery are usually right back in the same financial place they were before the win, a few years later. Not because they didn’t hire the right accountant, but because they never believed themselves “one of those people.” So the wealth couldn’t stick.

It’s time to shed those old limiting beliefs. It’s time to realize that

the glitterati are exactly the same as we are. They have the same organs, the same chemical makeup, most importantly, the same spiritual source. Human DNA is 99.9% the same in every single individual. Anyone can be rich. Anyone can be famous. Anyone can be successful. But first, they have to believe they can be. You are not just anything. You are Divine Energy in physical form. You are Goddess Incarnate. So as you move into your new life as a fabulously successful artist, you must get rid of your own limiting beliefs about what you’re capable of. Start noticing those limiting thoughts, and catching those limiting statements. Start believing yourself to be a super-successful entrepreneur. Start doing the things you perceive super successful entrepreneurs do. Start hanging out with other super successful types of people so you can see that they too, are ordinary.

We are human beings. We’ve walked on the moon, and created the Internet. We are Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla and Amelia Earhart. Our ordinary is something quite extraordinary! Think of the people who are the most successful in your business, the ones you most want to emulate. And start seeing them as just like you–as 99.9% identical to you. Start seeing them as proof that you can do it too, and do it better because you’ll be doing it your way. Let them serve as inspiration, rather than looking at them as a prime example of what you can never be. You’ll know you’re starting to shift your self-perception when things start falling into your path that are exactly what you need to know. You’ll meet people who have information you’ve been wishing for. You’ll find courses, free ones and paid ones as well, that you can take to master any topic. You’ll start applying new information and seeing it work in your own business. I’ll have a list of the things that have fallen into my path in a future post. Which is sort of like them falling into your path, right? I mean, this blog fell into your path. So there you have 3 Secrets to Success 1. Define all the things that represent success to you. 2. Start looking for signs of those things already happening, and celebrate the hell out of them. (And stop paying any attention to anything that is a sign of lack.) 3. Start thinking of yourself as the very same as the most successful people in your field. Let them inspire you to what is possible. If they can do it, so can you…. …because there is nothing that you cannot do, or have, or be! In fact, I’ll go a step farther, though some might not be ready to receive this yet. I’m gonna say it anyway. The very same moment a desire is born in you, so is its fulfillment. And the sooner you start celebrating and being grateful, the sooner you’ll see it in its fully manifested state.

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