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Three Ways to Be More Spiritual in 2014

Spirituality means different things to different people. To me, it means a personal relationship with my Source. I don’t equate spirituality with the practices associated with any particular faith. That’s religion, whether it’s Christian, Buddhist, Wiccan, or any one of the world’s roughly 4200 different religious traditions.

To me, spirituality is personal. It’s what’s going on inside me. It’s how I relate to my higher self and to the greater whole.

To me, spirituality isn’t a part of my life. It’s all of it. It’s at the basis in who I am and how I approach everything from friends and family to work and money, to recreation and fun. Just like everyone else, though, I think I can do better. And by that I mean, I think I can expand my soul more, open my mind further, understand more, and share it better. So that’s what I mean by being more spiritual. And here are some easy ways to keep that level constantly expanding.