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Vegan Product Review: Deliciou Plant Based Chicken

Maybe you’ve seen the video ads popping up on social media for this product like I have. They are very convincing and make this look plant-based chicken mix look delicious and extremely simple to prepare. They reeled me in and I decided to give this stuff a shot and share my results with all of you!

First impressions: The packaging is pleasant and recyclable. So far so good.

The ingredients list is short and simple. No crazy unpronounceable words.

This product is vegan and soy free, but it DOES contain gluten. In fact, the first ingredient is wheat protein, so if you are

sensitive to wheat or gluten, this is NOT for you. I am not wheat or gluten intolerant, so the experiment continues!

To make this product could not have been easier. You dump the contents into a bowl and add water and 1 TBS oil. Stir. Shape. Cook.

*MAC HACK- this product is not heavily seasoned and has no added salt, so make sure you season it to taste before cooking. I added salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic, and poultry seasoning.

We let it rest for 20 minutes before shaping because the box said that would give the best results. Then we shaped it into patties and pan fried it in a little olive oil.

Results: it fried up nicely, getting crisp on the outside while maintaining a tender middle. As for the taste…I’d give it a B. It did have a nice meaty texture, but was almost the consistency of chicken salad in the middle with a crispy outside. This product could definitely be really versatile since it takes on the flavor of seasonings very well. I could imagine endless seasoning combinations.

Was it my favorite meal ever…? No. But this could be a great pantry item to have on hand for busy weeknights when I don’t have time for something homemade. It would be great for kids since it has that nice chicken texture and might even be a great item for folks easing into a plant-based life by slowly replacing meat in their tried-and-true recipes. All in all, I would definitely buy it again, though it might not become a dinner staple.

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