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Violence and the Answer

Do not be seduced by hate, my friends. When you see mass shootings, acts of violence and terrorism, you are looking at the results of living in hate and in fear. Violence is just hate and fear given form. When we see it and then we join in, feeling fear and feeling hatred, wanting vengeance, beginning to believe the “us-vs.-them” lie, we only make the hate and fear and resulting violence grow bigger. Hatred and fear are the root of all the violence we are seeing. More hatred and more fear cannot fix that. They can only feed it. They can only make it grow.

The only thing that can defeat the ignorance of fear and hate, is the powerful light of love. Shower the world with love. You cannot love too much. You cannot trust too much. You cannot show too much faith in your fellow human beings. If they let you down, then that only means there wasn’t enough love. Love even more. In times like these when acts of violence seem to stir more and more people to frustration, when more and more of us see the non-stop coverage and bodies in the streets, and shout things like, “Screw it, nuke them all!” we need to remember there is no “them.” There is only “us.”

Love is the answer. Do not let the violent images and the anger over the loss of life make you embrace hatred and fear. Rather, let it inspire you to love even more. To love so much that world’s hatred is completely eradicated by love and light. It’s the only answer. More love. We, every single one of us, can help end this period of violence by flooding the world with love. And remember, too my dear ones, that no one dies before their time. No one. Not ever. In cases like these, souls who know they are eternal and that they get to have as many human lifetimes as they desire, come forth to serve the greater good by the means of their passing. This is going to keep happening. Enlightened souls are going to keep volunteering to come down to human form, live a few years, and then be shot down in a movie theater or night club, until the world gets the message violence is never going to solve any problem, anywhere, ever. And it never has. You cannot use war to bring about peace, any more than you can make your batter sweet by adding salt. It just doesn’t work.

We need to experience the contrast (the bad stuff) in order to create the solution. If we get the bad stuff and fail to embrace the solution, then the bad stuff gets bigger. When our focus remains on the bad thing, it grows and it grows and more bad things follow. It’s an endless spiral. We must shift our focus to the solution. To more love. Just more love. Love for the mentally ill in our own country would translate into more resources for them, more help, a solution. There’s not one homegrown mass shooter who is not mentally ill.

Love for our fellow humans in all nations would translate into open arms, welcome embracing of those in need, working together for the greater good, coming to know and understand each other, joint projects for the benefit of the world and eventually a brotherhood of man. One by one, the haters are dying off. The new generations will be raised in a world that is made smaller by the miracle of the Internet. And a small world where we all have intimate, even daily contact with each other, is a world where peace can truly begin to thrive.

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