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Water & Us!

By now you all know about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments with water. But a reminder never hurts. Dr. Emoto put water in test tubes, and labeled them with words. Later he photographed the frozen droplets under a microscope.

The first droplet here was labeled “Thank you.”

This second was labeled “Love” and “Appreciation.”

Same water, same source, same conditions. The only difference was the words, and the feelings, really, that those words represent. Because the Universe doesn’t speak Japanese, or English, or human. It speaks the language of emotions. Of feelings.

Our bodies are 90% water. So think what you are doing to your body when you look at it and hate what you see. When you think focus on its flaws, and faults and frailties, instead of on its strength and beauty and the very miracle that it is.

Speak kindly to your body. Every cell is listening, and responding, mirroring back to you the very emotions you give to it.

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