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NEW Bliss Blog Makeover and Creation Magic!

We have just given the Bliss Blog a complete makeover! I hope you like it! And we didn't retire our little Witchiepoo logo, either. She's right on the front page, serving as our main buttons, in her pink version, which matches the theme of the site.

There might be a glitch or two here and there. Bear with us as we fine tune things.

Bliss Blog's Magic Shop is right here on the same site, The shop's former address, BlissBlog-dot-shop is being retired.

There's an App for This

Go to your App Store and download the free WIX APP on your phone. Then join the site here, and you'll get updated with every new post. I am not sure what else we can do on the app but I'm exploring it myself to find out. I think I can send you coupons for the shop for one thing, and I'm only just beginning to find my way around it. I'll keep you posted.

I was inspired out of the blue to make these beautiful changes, and since I am following my bliss in absolute confidence this year–and I hope every year for the rest of my life–I had to go the exciting, creative, inspired ideas led. And here we are.

Oh, and I am loving this space. It feels lighter and cleaner, and that's interesting, because I have been saying that I also feel lighter and cleaner since changing to a plant-based diet. On top of that, it's spring! It was 50 degrees here today, and might flirt with 60 tomorrow. I know, it's only March 10th. Don't tell me the horror stories of April blizzards from days of yore. Let me have my delusions.

The sun was bright and beautiful today. It's a springtime sun. Whether we have setbacks or not, I feel spring's arrival. There were geese heading north today. This weekend the clocks spring ahead. And they are not the only thing. This is the time for us to spring ahead. Take leaps of faith. Start things. Act on things. More on things. Our period of dormancy is winding down, in so many ways, across the spectrum of our experience. Things are warming, calming, opening, beginning anew.

Start something this month. The energy of the spring is flowing powerfully to support you.

I need to bless this new site with magic. Of course I do! So here is my ritual for that, and it's one you can use to bless your new projects too!

As always, read through the ritual before you begin. And tweak it to make it your own.

Rite to Bless and Empower a New Creation

You'll need

A green candle

A candle holder

A lighter

A sharp edged object for carving the candle

Patchouli Oil for its earth energy.

3 coins

A journal and pen

A paper image that represents the creation you're empowering, like a biz a card, address label or product label. Or just print out a representation of your project.

The Music

I'll have Demeter's Song on repeat during the rite. It's so perfect for attuning to the blessings of Gaia.

The Preparation

You must create a simple symbol that represents your company. For the Bliss Blog, I will use the crescent moon shape. It's easy to draw or carve into a candle, although I might very well flip her from waning to waxing.

Once you've decided on a symbol, you are ready to begin.

Place all items on your work surface. Place the 3 coins on top of the image of your creation. Do not light the candle at this time.

The Magic

Create sacred space in whatever way is your practice.

Drip a bit of the patchouli oil on your hands. Rub them together. Smell the essences of the earth mother.

Touch your oiled fingertip to the center of your forehead, anointing yourself in the abundance of Mother Earth. Likewise, anoint your heart, your womb, your knees, your feet. Feel the earth.

Take the candle and your carving tool. Gaze at the image of your project with the coins upon it, infusing it with the energy of plenty, of abundance, of the wealth of Mother Earth Herself.

Imagine the project as you want it to be. Imagine it fully grown. Take some time on this. And as you imagine, carve the shape that represents this creation to you. Carve it all over the candle.

When you feel it's time, stop carving. Drip patchouli oil onto your fingertips. Take the candle in your other hand, and hold it so it is pointing away from you, with its base near you. Use your oiled fingertips to dress the candle with oil, moving your from the end of the candle that is away from you, to the end that is toward you. So you're starting at the wick, and smoothing the oil all the way down to the base, which is nearest you.

Flip the candle so now its wick is pointing at you and its base is away, and repeat with the oil in exactly the same way, drawing the oil inward from the end, always pulling it toward you. Over and over, pull the richness Gaia toward you. Push Feel the oil filling the spaces you've carved with sparkling earth's powerful magic.

When you are ready, place the candle into the holder, on top of the image of your project amid or atop the coins the coins and light it while saying these words:

Abundance flows and plenty grows wherever my attention goes

Beneath the mother's loving eyes and in my gaze, my project flies

As it burns, open a journal and write down all the ways your project is going to grow and thrive. Describe in detail what it will look like. Dream big. Dream huge. This is the time for it.

Ideas that come to you during this time will be excellent ones. Make notes of them to follow up on later.

When you finish, snuff (do not blow) the candle. Give thanks for all you enjoy. Close your sacred space in whatever way is your practice.

Ground and center yourself. Have a grain or starchy snack to help with that.


Whenever you want to give your creation a boost, maybe every day before you work on it, light the candle and call in the energy of the Goddess of Abundance.

Make the ritual uniquely your own by adding elements that make it feel special to you.

Happy Spring, and welcome to the fresh new

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