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What Happens When We Die?

So we’re having a difficult time here, adjusting to her not being physical anymore. However, she woke me up the next morning, just like she always has done, by standing by the bed staring at me. It felt exactly the same as it always has felt to me. It’s been our thing, the way she can wake me up without a touch or a sound, just by looking at me. And she did it again, only this time, when I opened my eyes, she wasn’t there.

Or was she?

I think she was. I did a deep meditation on all of this. What lies beyond the Veil is a topic I have pondered often, especially lately with several friends making their transitions within the past week or two. And while this isn’t writing related per se, it kind of is if you think deeply enough.

My Meditation 'Download'

What we are is consciousness.

What God is, is the Consciousness of the Whole.

The Whole sends itself into individual forms in order to experience through each of them. (That’s us, consciousness in bodies.)

When we “die” (no such thing) our individual consciousness withdraws into the Whole again, bringing the entirety of our lifetime, personality included, into the Whole, where it now is accessible to every other part of that Whole.

Everything we are, and were, becomes a part of that grand tapestry of Awareness. Of Consciousness, expanding it all.

Everything we are, and were, remains accessible to those still in physical form, but it’s internal now, that connection.

We experience those on the other side by calling to mind the feelings we felt when we were with them. When we manage to experience those emotions again, we find ourselves able to see them, hear them, touch them, without our physical senses in exactly the same way we can see and hear and touch in dreams.

And when we do this, it’s not false. They are a part of that Whole now. (Always were, in fact, but we had them here in the physical so we didn’t need to find them there.) This is how we tap in to the part of the Whole that is uniquely them. By imagining them. [bctt tweet=”Imagination is NOT imaginary. It is the ability to sense without physical senses, as we do in dreams.” username=”@maggieshayne”]

It feels fainter, thinner, the connection more tentative to us, because we are physical beings, and for things to seem ‘real’ to us they have to be physical too. When we’re no longer physical, it’ll be the spiritual things that feel real to us, and the physical will feel like make-believe.

So to be physical and connect meaningfully to those who no longer are, it really, truly is just as simple as calling them up within us, in the place we call imagination and think isn’t real. It really and truly is just that simple. And the amount of comfort we can get from doing so, is directly proportionate to our level of belief. Of faith.

Yet, because we are physical beings, we can’t spend all our time sitting still and communi