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What is light?

Here is what I got.

I was shown my cupped hands, and my spirit-self pouring its energy down into them  and from them into my body. I  meditate near a rippling stream, so the sound effects assisted this vision beautifully. I directed the flow to my third eye, then to my throat and heart and on down. And then I felt this clear message:

You don’t have to channel it. You ARE it. I am it.

I am spirit. I am Source. I am light.

The song, I Am Light by India Arie came to me and I listened in my mind as clearly as I could have listened on my iPhone. I’m linking below. Go ahead, play it. I’ll wait. It’s a couple minutes of absolute bliss and it’s important to give ourselves those.



For the first time I wondered, what if that’s not a metaphor? What if it’s literal? What if the soul is made up of photons of light?

Science says a single photon can exist in mutiple locations at the same time, and in multiple forms. Light is not bound,  it is free. What if our physical apparatus, our body, is designed by the light as an extension of the light and a container for the light, and an outward physical expression of the light within?

Everything is a reflection

Besides that it has access to limitless potential, here’s what else we know about the nature of light. Everything we see with our eyes, science says, is just light bouncing off physical objects. Different objects reflect different wavelengths of light, bouncing them back to our eyes, which interpret them through our brain, creating our visible colors.

But since there’s no such thing as a solid object, just vibrating energy everywhere, with more empty space than matter to it, what if what we see isn’t as much a reflection of light, as an emission of it? What if we only reflect back the waves that match our own inner spectrum?

What would this mean?

This would mean the being we show to the word matches the soul inside us. Suppose every nuanced light wave in precise combination with every other, is what creates the unique physical form you see when you look at me with your physical eyes and what I see when I look at you with mine.

This would mean that, being made  of light, we can be simultaneously in numerous places and in multiple forms. It might simply be a matter of releasing the illusion that we are only what’s here in our bodies and recognizing that our light expands far beyond our skin, and is a part of the greater light that is the Source of us all.