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What is Reality?

This is almost exactly what I scribbled during a deep state of meditation a few days ago. Of course, I’ve tried to make it flow better, fixed typos, etc, but I think I might be onto something.

Science now says that there are as many “realities” as their are possibilities, or choices. And that all seem to exist at the same time. And that our attention to something seems to be the very thing that creates it. For example, mechanically, quantum scientists have been able to detect the same identical photon (a particle of light) in numerous places at the exact same time. But as soon as they look at it, it exists in one place and one place only. The place where they chose to look, whichever place that is. And no matter how often they repeat the experiment, this is the result. Where we put our attention, becomes the version of reality that is real to us. And the other versions are no longer within our range of perception. Okay? Good. So here’s my vision during a deep meditation:

I am the Creator and I am the Perceiver I am the Beauty

I create the beauty, every beautiful thing I see emanated from me.

By my attention to it, expectation of it, it becomes.

All from me, the sole perceiver of that which I perceive. Others create their own, perceived by them in their way.

This one is all mine.

I must be truly beautiful to have created something this good, and beautiful, and perfect To my own eye.

And I believe my creation has melded with that of my mate. With the beauty around him, created by and perceived by him and him alone.

A creation so beautiful, he must be truly beautiful too. Through and through.

Somehow his creation has melded with mine And it feels like our powers of creation have combined, And nothing could be more powerful than that.

But every single reality is created by the attention and expectation of the observer.

And each individual has one of his/her own.

Can it be that all people are living in their own version of reality? And that we’ve chosen to meld ours into one?

And is that how all of this works, as we bang around with others? Maybe we either bounce off of their reality bubble, if it’s not in synch with ours, or we meld with it it if is. Maybe we meld briefly, or maybe for a while, if the vibrations are that good a match.

And maybe if we bang up against something we don’t like, and see it as real, we somehow allow it to meld with our reality, to pollute our reality, even though it’s not a good match, and it messes up our beautiful creation for awhile.

But only until we realize what we’ve done, and then we shift our vibe back to its pure state, and the unwanted version, that bubble of someone else’s reality, gets spit out of our happy realm.

So when we see something we don’t want, we wouldn’t be wrong to say, “That’s not real. That’s not in my version of reality. That doesn’t exist.” And then, if we really believe that, and turn our attention completely away from it, and think about what does exist in our own perfect creation, instead, the bad thing will simply blink out.

The ability to do this is hampered by our physical nature. Because we are physical beings, we tend to see everything else that is physical, as real. And we’ve learned that seeing is believing, and so we believe what we see is real. Even if we tell ourselves it’s not, it’s difficult to change our most deeply held beliefs on a deep enough level. “Man cannot fly,” for example, would be a belief that might be too deep to change. “Man cannot grow a new limb” might be too deep a belief to change for most people. Some, however, have managed it. And the more who do manage it, the more easy it will become for the rest. For as soon as we see someone grow a new limb, we suddenly believe that it’s possible.

Most of the time, however, one needs to believe something before one will ever be able to see it.

This is the meaning of faith the size of a mustard seed being strong enough to move a mountain. This is the meaning of transcendence. This is represented in the image of the Goddess Maya, who shows us the truth behind the veil of illusion that we believe is reality.

This is a topic to meditate on, to mull over, and to ponder. At length. At least, for me.

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