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When Biz is Bad, Turn it Around


You know, sales are slumping, the writing isn’t going well, the technology is wonky, and Amazon is doing all the things the “Sky is falling” gang are always accusing it of. That kind of bad.

As soon as you start fighting against trends like this, scrambling to fix them, to make corrections, you’re shifting all of your focus to what’s going wrong. And if you’ve been reading me for more than a couple of weeks, you know what that means; you’re creating more of the same. Your focus, your attention, all your efforting, can only make the object of your attention grow bigger. [bctt tweet=”Where attention goes, reality grows. ” username=”@MaggieShayne”]

Three Simple Steps to Turn it Around

Step One

Get your attention off your business for a little while. Chances are you’re overwhelmed and frustrated. You need to exercise your willpower to force yourself to take a break. Now, if you’re an overachiever, a go-getter, an ambitious entrepreneur like me, that’s going to be very hard to do. But it’s necessary to hit the reset button every now and then.

So I want you to go to your planning calendar and plan two days off. Clean your house, garden, exercise, meditate, take walks, go camping. Don’t look at your numbers or sales or anything related to business during these 48 hours. You’re going to have to trust me on this. When bad stuff has your attention, walking away is the best and fastest way to change the pattern.

Step Two

Do something for someone else. Volunteer at your kids’ school, or offer up your services as babysitter, to give some adults you know a date break. Clean up your neighborhood, or visit animals at the local shelter. Write an article or blog post designed to help other artists. Visit friends in a hospital or strangers in a nursing home. Write a check to your favorite charity. The more deeply involved you get in helping others, the farther your mind is going to be from the suckiness of your business of late.

Bonus, there’s a universal law at work here. The Bible calls it the Golden Rule. Wiccans call it the Rule of Three. It’s not a made up rule. It’s a simple law of physics. You know, like gravity. [bctt tweet=”What you give returns to you. Every spiritual tradition teaches some form of this law. ” username=”@maggieshayne”]

Not only that, but it returns to you bigger than it was when you sent it out. This applies to the thoughts we think, the beliefs we embrace, and the way we deal with other humans. Everything we do, everything we are, creates and attracts everything we experience.

When we give, we are raising our vibration. We are affirming that we have plenty, so much we can give


Step Three

When you return to work, do so with the very firm intention to look for the things that are going right, and focus on expanding those areas. Try to take the approach of tweaking the areas that haven’t been going so well by applying notions from the areas that are going well. [bctt tweet=”When things aren’t working, you can’t force them. Your inner GPS is telling you to change course.” username=”@maggieshayne”]

The internet and the rapid advances in technology are changing business and creative entrepreneurship on a daily, maybe hourly basis. What worked last year, or even last month, might not work today. When the things we’re doing stop working, trying to force them to work isn’t the answer. Finding new ways to do them is the only other option. Pay close attention to any ideas, no matter how weird, that floated into your mind during your break. These are probably golden.

Summing Up: When Biz Sucks

  1. Walk Away. Take two days off.

  2. Do for others. Give. Help.

  3. Focus on What’s Right. Stop Trying to Force What’s Wrong to Work. Implement Change.

What do you do to get through slumps? Share with your fellow artists in comments.

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