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When is a crisis not a crisis?

Sometimes, we coast. We fall into a pattern in our lives of doing the same things in the same way and seeing the same results. It all feels pretty good, but there's nothing changing. There's no growth. Instead there's stasis, and eventually, stagnation.

When the things we want aren't coming...

When the things we desire seem to be taking forever, we have to look at the reasons why. And by the reasons why, I don't mean my husband, my kids, my job, my boss, the government. I mean me. The first thing we learn and the hardest thing to swallow about Law of Attraction is that we're doing it all ourselves.

Our experience in life is a mirror. It can only reflect back what we show it. When disaster strikes, most of us are going to feel it came out of the blue. And I know I, for one, would insist I had been really aligned and positive and had absolutely NOT attracted it. But if I hadn't, it wouldn't be here.

What's really going on?

Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. But we cling to our familiar routine while wondering why the big things we want, that we don't have yet, aren't coming. Let's review. Life inspires us to wish we could have, do, be, or experience something. Our Higher Self shoots a beam forward, becoming the version of us who has, does, is and lives the very experience we are yearning for. Meanwhile, the rest of us is here, without the experience. Higher Self is living it, calling us constantly toward it. This way, this way, keep coming this way. But we don't. We stay where we are, without the thing we desire. This pulling and resisting causes a rift in the flow of energy between us and our Higher Selves. It's the GPS saying, "This way, this way," and we're the driver saying, "I like to go the way I'm used to, thanks."

When we have wanted something powerfully for a very long time, that rift has grown big enough to become a problem. When something needs to change, and we refuse to change it, eventually we are going to have what we humans like to call "a fucking calamity." Because only the experience of something really awful is going to jolt us into actually making the needed changes.

My life is fine the way it is

Right, but see, it isn't. If we're not experiencing what we want, and we're not doing anything about it, it's not fine. It can't be fine. Nor is it sustainable.

Say you want to go over there. But you're sitting here on this comfy stool. You really want to go over there, because there's something over there you'd love to do, but you don't want to move. You just sit there, feeling bad because you can't have that thing over there that you really want. You can't figure out why IT doesn't just come to YOU. So there you are, miserable. Meanwhile your Higher Self is over there having fun and keeps waving you nearer.

Eventually, this resistance causes friction, which heats up the seat of your stool. You don't get up. Then it gets so hot your pants start smoking. You still don't get up. Then it burns your ass, and you shoot out of that chair yelling "Why the hell did THAT happen?"

See? This is why we experience calamity. When change is needed and we don't make it, the Universe will make where we are more and more uncomfortable until we are forced to move.

Why can't things just stay the same?

I'm right there with you. Life is good. I like it just the way it is. I don't want it to change. But life IS change. Desiring something new, aligning with the better thing, moving into it, that's all life force moving through us. When we stop growing, we die. Growing means changing, evolving, improving, expanding.

If it's not our time to die yet and we stop growing anyway, our stool gets hotter and hotter until it forces us to move, to change, to grow.

What's the takeaway?

🎶Don't mess with Maui when he's on a breakaway.🎶

I think we have to try to take the hint. When something's no longer working, it's no longer working. Sometimes we have to walk away, try something new, start over, expand our horizons, think outside the box, CHANGE.

Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. But we cling to our familiar routine while wondering why the big things we want, that we don't have yet, aren't coming.

And the reason is, because what we are doing isn't working, or they'd be here. So...

The good news...

When we finally let go of what wasn't working, and embrace the new, we rise very quickly. Our alignment and well being returns just as soon as we stop fighting it so hard, and stop fighting it at all, and go with the flow.



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