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Why Did I Manifest THAT?

It’s easy to happily accept that we create our own experiences, when our experiences are happy ones. But when we manifest something nasty, we might start to doubt. After all, no one would deliberately put themselves through hard times. Right? Wrong, it turns out. Right now, for example, I’m having a health issue. Major, debilitating pain that is most likely kidney stones. It started Thursday and I did my usual round of “I can cure this on my own” and got out my holistic healing books and began self treating. But it didn’t go away. Here’s how I interpret this event in my life. First, I know it’s happening for the same reasons everything in my life happens. To help me get to where I want to go. My higher self knows exactly where I’m going and what roadblocks I have put in my own way. My higher self knows exactly what things need to change in order for me to progress in the best possible way. When you get hints that you need to do certain things, and you refuse to do them, you get bigger hints. Clearly, I didn’t do something I need to do for my own best interests, and clearly the Universe is going to make sure that I do before I can move past this current issue. So I’m acting like a little private eye, digging and mulling and reviewing to figure out what it is the Universe is trying to tell me. Here’s what I’m hearing so far.

1. “Hey, dummy, you know when the president told you to buy health insurance, and you said, ‘I don’t even go to doctors. Why should I be forced to pay that much for something I’ll never use?’ Well, if you won’t listen to the president, maybe you’ll listen to your body. You have to make peace with and then comply with this new law. Now get your arse in gear and do it.

~Love, The Universe

Yes, I put off signing up for healthcare under the new law. I justified it by saying the fine would still be less than the huge premiums and deductibles I would never use. I justified it by saying I can afford to pay for whatever minimal medical care I might ever need. Clearly, I was wrong about all of that. I need to comply and do so cheerfully. That’s key. I can’t pay the premiums and resent it. I need to make peace with it, find a policy I really like, that I might actually use, and pay for it happily. I’m on it, I really am, although the next open enrollment is November 15th, I intend to have my plan all picked out by then. 2. “Dear Miss ‘I’ll never need healthcare,’ you might want to take a look at your habits. You’re not quite as healthy as you think you are.”

~Fondly, The Universe

When I got out my holistic books and started reading up on kidney stones, I found that my current diet was a recipe for making them. Too much coffee, salt, red meat, and soda pop. Though I had just re-started my exercise regimen, and was counting calories, I clearly wasn’t looking at the right dietary changes, the ones the Universe wants to make sure I implement so I

don’t manifest something a lot worse than stones. Now I’ve sworn off soft drinks entirely, and I’m cutting way back on salt and red meat. I’ll eat more fruits and veggies, and have at least 3 servings per week of broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage. I’m increasing my water intake and switching out coffee for tea as much as I can possibly force myself to do. 3. Dear Little Rebel. We know you dislike, distrust, and disapprove of modern medicine. But it exists for a reason, just like everything does, and swearing off something this advanced is ridiculous. There is a happy medium between natural healing and modern medicine, and you need to find a reasonable way to make use of both, and be comfortable doing so. After all, years of scientific evolution have led to many breakthroughs that help lots of people. So get over yourself and compromise.

~Smarter-Than-You, The Universe

Yes, I’ve slid too far into the “big pharmaceuticals and modern healthcare are the devil” side of thinking. Nothing is all good or all bad, and breakthroughs in modern medicine have eradicated many diseases and given many, if not most people, a better quality of life in one way or another. It’s time for me to make peace with modern medicine, get a freaking checkup once in a while, and stop biting off my nose to spite my face, so to speak. I’m long overdue for making this adjustment and clearly the Universe isn’t going to let me keep putting it off.

Now there may very well be lots of other reasons I’m manifesting what I am, health wise, at this particular time. The only thing I know for sure is that I don’t know anything for sure, and won’t until I’m on the other side. But I do know this: Nothing happens TO me. Everything happens FOR me. So I’m paying attention to the message of this experience, and making the necessary adjustments to my lifestyle, attitude, and habits. I’m shifting my focus from the problem to the solution, and the healthier me on the other side of it.

Dear Universe,

Please read my blog, accept my surrender, and remove these *&^%$##@!^&%**%&$ stones from my kidneys as soon as possible.

~Suitably Chastened, Maggie

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