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Why Did I Manifest THIS? Part 2

So I posted last week about the kidney stones I was battling, and how I thought it was a wake up call to change my diet for the better. This week, I have a whole new take on this entire episode, so naturally, I’m sharing here with my LOA tribe. It wasn’t kidney stones. Not even close. It was an injury to my back causing pressure on the sciatic nerve, which resulted in pain so excruciating I figured it had to be stones, cause I had no idea anything else could hurt that much. So I got that news, and at first, was relieved. My kidneys are fine and I don’t have to give up coffee. YAY! Furthermore, they took a look at my pancreas, liver, kidneys, bladder, and that was worth the entire cost of the CT scan, because I am now assured they are all clear and healthy and beautiful. I love knowing that. So I was happy, for a day or two. But then it didn’t get better, and I started hearing from people who’ve had sciatic pain for years. Years! And all my positive practices and attitudes just couldn’t stand up to that notion. I had one morning where I had a meltdown and cried for about an hour. Then I took some pain pills and meditated and mulled and thought: How can I mistrust the Universe like this? Didn’t I cry just about this hard when I was all but forced out of my 22 year career with traditional publishers? And am I not doing better now than ever before in all that time? Why am I crying? Why am I not looking to see what wonderful new thing this current situation is leading me to? There’s always something. Everything that happens to me, even the stuff that’s bad, always leads to something wonderful. Something I’ve been asking for. Nothing happens to me. Everything happens for me. So what had I been asking for? I knew the answer immediately. The financial stuff is falling into place, the debts are vanishing, the relationships in my life are in the best place they’ve ever been. Everything has been wonderful and I’ve been telling the Universe that the one thing still out of alignment is my health. I haven’t been exercising, I’ve let my diet slide, my weight has risen, and it’s about the only thing in my life that I’m not currently ecstatic about. So that has to be it. Whatever this led to was going to be the beginning of me getting into the best health of my entire life. Because that’s what I’m vibrating right now, and everything else in my life is the best it’s ever been. So that has to be it. Almost as soon as I came to that understanding, (in other words, as soon as I stopped looking at the problem and started looking at the better thing it was leading me to) the answer was presented to me in the form of a comment to a Facebook post, followed by an email from a friend. She suggested an author called Pete Egoscue and his book:

Amazon Kindle Amazon Hardcover Amazon Paperback

I posted Amazon links because that’s where I bought the book and I had them saved. You can find it at the bookseller of your choice with a simple search. Brick & mortar stores might be able to order it for you.

As soon as I opened this book, I knew it was for me. Egoscue is all about empowering the individual to be in charge of his own well being. He also recognizes that sudden back pain didn’t begin in the back. It’s just the latest hot spot in a chain reaction that probably began months or years ago. He gives a series of simple, gentle, exercises designed to re-align the musculoskeletal foundation of the human body, without pain, without pills, without “adjustments,” or Gods forbid, surgery. There’s a chapter for every part of the body from feet to head, in that order, and best of all, it works! I’m only on Day Four, and last night, I was pain free all night long. There’s a full body routine designed to do once I’m healthy again, that will keep everything aligned correctly so that I can return to exercising without injury. I intend to get my back happy again, and then move on to my upper back to treat a very old whiplash injury, and my knees, which get achy when I jog. As I proceed through the daily exercises, my body feels different. I feel like I’m standing more firmly, more evenly, more strongly. I feel like my bones and joints are lining up powerfully. And it’s a great feeling. I never have serious health issues. I barely ever even catch a cold. But this episode was a very big wake up call for me, and has led me to re-calibrate my lifestyle, because as Pete Egoscue points out, everything’s a chain reaction. As a couple, Lance and I are returning to clean eating, and as soon as I can, back to daily, healthy exercise. We’ve given up soda and processed foods, have found a farm market nearby where we can buy almost everything need to eat, and we stick to organics for anything we’re forced to buy at a regular grocery store. More water, less of everything else. More tea, less coffee. Homemade cookies when we want a sweet treat. Whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, less meat and only grass fed organic, antibiotic free meat when we do. We’re adopting “Meatless Mondays” as a regular policy. And we already feel great. And those changes were what the Universe was pushing me to make as it set this challenge into my path. It forced me to find a solution that would also wake me up to the fact that every single thing I put into my body becomes a part of me. This experience, this pain, has caused me to make changes that will prevent far worse physical ailments later on. And it’s making me buy health insurance, to boot. So there it is. At this point, I can honestly bless the pain for what it has taught and is teaching me, and let it go, and move on past it to the best health of my life. This approach can be applied to every “bad” thing that happens to us in life. If what we’re doing every day is not in keeping with the goals we want to achieve, and we’re aligned and in tune, you’d better believe the Universe is going to put things into our path that force us to change course. And the one and only purpose for those things, those big bad disasters we hate so much, is to put us on the correct path to achieve the things we so desire and to achieve our very highest potential.

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