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Why Do You Get Sick?

No matter how high your vibration, from time to time, you’re probably going to experience a health issue. I had one yesterday. Fever, chills, violent shaking, aches all over, pounding head, throat too sore to swallow, all of it. BAM! Hit me like a two-by-four. When we get sick, there can be any number of causes, all of them vibrational. We might have been feeling put-upon lately, overworked, under-appreciated, asked to do too much, more than any human being is capable of doing in the time allotted (as I have, I admit, oft whined.) We might have been exposed to something and deep down, believe it inevitable that we’ll catch it. We might just need a rest. We might be getting something out of the condition. Maybe when we’re sick, those people running us ragged will realize how important we are to them, and will appreciate us more, or ask less of us. Maybe all the sympathetic hugs and well wishes and love that get poured upon us when we’re ill are something our soul really needs. (Warning: Stay sick too long, and even the most sympathetic of friends get tired of hearing about it. Which is a shame for those chronically ill.) The base of the matter is, however, all illness comes from some form of disconnect from our higher selves, because well-being is our natural state. A friend of mine recently stated this to me in another way and I’ve been mulling it ever since. He said, “We are spirit. Spirit is perfect. Therefore, any illness or injury is a lie. We must refuse to accept it as the truth.” I loved this. Let’s go just a tad deeper: We are spirit. Everything that we see, the entire physical world, is no more than a projection of spirit, reflected back to us. Since spirit is perfect, then if the reflection (reality) we see is less than perfect, the mirror must be smudged. Because perfection should only reflect perfection. So you’re sick. So was I. It feels real and it is. It’s as real as our house and our car and our job and our dog and the tree in our back yard. Those are all projections’ reflections too. But it can be changed simply by wiping the smudge from the mirror.

Step 1: Realize that your illness is an illusion, that you are spirit and spirit is perfect. Say it out loud. “This issue is no more than a lie. The mirror is smudged.” Continue repeating this throughout the remaining steps. Step 2: Do all the things you’ve been trained all your life to believe will help. I did local raw honey, tea and toast, Vick’s Vapo-Rub (because Mom always made me tea and toast and coated me in Vick’s when I was sick,) Ibuprofen for the fever, and NyQuil to allow me to sleep it off. Step 3: Sleep. Rest. Spoil yourself rotten, because a little spoiling might be what your body was asking for to begin with. You didn’t listen, so it asked louder: with a bug. But before you drift off, tell yourself that you’re going to wake up feeling better, because this is just a smudge on the mirror, after all. Sleeping allows you to escape the current state of “reality” long enough to re-set yourself. It’s like re-booting your computer. Step 4: Act as If. This is part of every manifestation. Act as if what you want is already true. So after your long, hard sleep, get up, take a shower, get dressed, and move your butt around doing little things. Don’t kill yourself, but don’t give too much leeway to the smudge on the mirror. Keep saying, “I feel so much better today!” Say, “It came. It tried. I kicked its ass.” Say, “Is that all you’ve got, you nasty little virus?” And things like that. Continue to use whatever methods work for you to ease any lingering discomfort, because if it hurts you notice, and if you notice, it has your attention and therefore your mirror remains smudged. The idea is to take your attention off it entirely, focus on how much better you feel, and then you will. I love this notion that imperfection is a lie. That the truth is perfection. Well being. Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Illusions are in the minds of their creators, yes? So we can change the illusion at will. If reality is just an illusion, then that means we can change reality at will. Look at the image below. She’s spinning. If you close your eyes (or look down at her foot, which worked for me) she might spin in the opposite direction. Play around until you get her to change directions. Realize that which way she’s spinning is entirely dependent upon which way your mind decides she is spinning.

Whichever way you see her spinning, it’s very convincing. It is, by all appearances, real. Just as real as whatever is ailing your physical form today. Or should I say, just as false? Just as much a trick of the mind, a reflection of your own perception. Mull on that one today, my friends. The wash up your mirror, and feel better.

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