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Why I Still Believe in Santa Claus: Part 1

Why I Still Believe in Santa Claus: Part One

There was one Christmas when I was little and couldn’t sleep. I lay in my bed, desperately afraid Santa would come, see that I was still awake, and go away without leaving me any presents. I don’t know where I got that idea. It was probably something Mom told me to get me to go to bed already. Little did she know that trying so hard to sleep made it almost impossible to sleep. So I lay there, tense and nervous, and squishing my eyes really tight. And suddenly, I heard the sounds of distant bells. I heard them. Jingle, jingle, jingle, growing louder and coming nearer! I was not dreaming. And then soon after, a tap tap on the roof. I just knew it had to be reindeer. I turned to face my bedroom wall, putting my back toward the doorway. I curled up tight, pulled my covers over my shoulders and thought, sleep, sleep, SLEEP!   Then I heard footsteps. Big booted footsteps. They came to my bedroom door and stopped there, and I opened my eyes the merest crack, and saw the shadow on the wall. This unmistakable shadow, with a big round belly, and a bag over his shoulder. It was Santa! I closed my eyes so tight I thought I pulled an eyelid muscle! I was sure I was in trouble. But the next morning, I knew everything was okay.  Santa’s visit that Christmas Eve has stayed with me for my entire life. I am certain, as I was then, that it was not a dream. I was wide awake. Wide awake. I have never been able to explain it other than to believe in him.  Tune in Tomorrow for Reasons I Believe, Part 2!Why I Believe in Santa, Part 2

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