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Why I Still Believe in Santa Claus: Part 4

What it comes down to, in the end, is desire. We humans are creators. We create our entire life experience as we go along, according to a combination of what we most desire, what we most focus on, and what we most believe.

And really, is there anyone who grew up celebrating Christmas who doesn’t want, way down deep in their heart of hearts, to believe in Santa Claus?

Of course not. Every one of us who grew up believing would like to still believe. We’d be overjoyed to recapture that childlike wonder and magic of Christmas time. Remember how it felt to look at the twinkling lights of the tree before dawn on Christmas day, to see the presents underneath, and to know in our trusting souls that good St. Nick had been right there, in our houses, while we slept? Wouldn’t we all love to feel that way again?

We all want to believe. That’s why we make movies like Miracle on 34th St., and The Santa Claus, and The Polar Express. Those films were made by adults, not by children. And they were made classics by adults. We recapture our childhood belief in Santa every time we watch them. Isn’t everyone’s favorite holiday film the kind that proves Santa is real after all?

If I believe in magic at all (and I do!) then I must also believe in Santa. He’s the most powerful magic there is! If I believe in miracles, especially Christmas miracles, then I must believe in that jolly spirit of goodness, kindness, generosity, and joy. If I believe in anything, I have to believe in Santa. He’s the most powerful belief of my childhood.

And I know two things that make this all the more real to me. First, what we believe in, is a choice. We can choose to believe or not. When you believe in something, truly believe, you begin to see evidence that it is true. The more strongly you believe, the more evidence you will see. The old saying, “Seeing is believing” is actually backwards. Believe first, and then you’ll see.

What we believe in becomes what we live. And I choose to believe in a world where magic is real and where Santa Claus is, too!  Now watch this little clip, my favorite scene from my favorite holiday movie–the one where I always tear up, because my heart still believes.

Merry Christmas!Why I Believe in Santa, Part 5

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