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WTAF is really going on here?

I know what you’re thinking…

The world is off the rails. Mankind is like a group of monkeys crammed into the seats of a speeding roller coaster with a crucial section missing up ahead. Everything has gone crazy.

But none of that is true. Things have not gone off the rails. But there is something important happening here.

WTF is actually happening?

Our experience of reality is a mirror. And collectively, it reflects back what we are as a group, as a whole. Humanity itself. And there’s a reason it exists, there’s a purpose reality serves. As our mirror, it shows us how to adjust. How to become more. Rifts that need healing. You can’t pluck a stray hair unless you can see it. So we have this great magnifying mirror we call reality, to show us what we are, so that we can see every little beautiful part of us, and a few blackheads here and there too.

You're here now for a reason

Being born is a really big manifestation. We spend a whole lot of time in the non-physical, planning out who our parents will be, and what kinds of things we want to experience this time, what kind of fun we want to have, what we left our last time yearning to know more about. All of it. We collaborate with others, share plans, inside jokes, joint goals. Who’s going to play the bad guy this time? Who gets to be the hero? It’s all just for the experience, which provides constant expansion which is life itself. If we stop expanding we end. But that can never happen. It’s just nature.

We choose our time, too. We chose this time. This year we’ve been making fun of and cursing with our memes, the deadliest weapon of the twenty-first century. 2020. We chose to be here for this.

Why would anyone...?

If I chose to experience this, I must be an idiot. That was my first reaction, too. But then I got real, and I looked around at all the good. I live in the time of the Internet, which is nothing short of miraculous. Connecting the whole world the way it has, and yes, many are still excluded, but it will reach all eventually. Communication of this kind changes everything, brings us closer. And it’s a great equalizer. Everyone can have a voice. Anyone can build an audience if her message appeals. This is a powerful thing.

It’s no coincidence that the internet got into place just before the Pandemic came along and made us need it more than ever before. Things unfold, there’s an order.

And then there is the art, the entertainment, the culture of our time! I’d have come into this lifetime for Hamilton alone!

And then there is everything and every one I have loved since I’ve been here…which of those would I give up in trade for getting to skip 2020? Not a one.

Solve the mystery

I like to think about why I, on a personal level, just me, not mankind, but ME, why I am experiencing this year. And I think this would be a great exercise for anyone who seeks to expand their understanding. What is this year doing to me? What is it creating in me that didn’t exist before? What do I now like that I didn’t like before? What do I hate that I didn’t hate before? What do I know that I didn’t know before? What am I feeling that I hadn’t felt before? What am I focused on and what am I doing more of or less of? What am I contributing to the problem? What am I contributing to the solution?

Examine all of this for ourselves might be enlightening. Not to mention fascinating and fun! Like solving a mystery. How is this changing me? I intend to put a lot of thought into it in the coming days and during meditation. I’m kind of excited to see where it leads.

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