Introducing Ladyhawk's own DIY Spell Kits for today's working Witches.

And they smell incredible!


Nothing's worse than finding the perfect spell but having no idea where to get the ingredients!

So I'm putting together a brand new collection of DIY Spell Kits that have everything you need.


The DIY Money Spell Kit Includes

  • A 3" soapstone mortar & pestle for grinding your herbs (choose purple, green, or blue)
  • A green altar candle
  • A green glass cube candle holder
  • A small packet of mint
  • A small packet of lemon thyme
  • 3 Red Clover Blossoms
  • A genuine emerald gemstone
  • A magnetic rainbow hematite gemstone
  • An organza bag
  • The entire spell in a Word Document


When we grind the herbs ourselves, the grinding is part of the magic. We allow ourselve to fall into a rhythmic, magical state. We repeat the words of our charm and we change our vibration, the key to all magic.


When we mix the herbs ourselves, the mixing is part of the magic. Our hands and fingers touch them. We smell them and feel them and absorb their energy, which changes our vibration, which is the key to all magic.


Magic is beautiful. It must be experienced to be fullly appreciated.


You'll use your mortar and pestle again and again.

DIY Money Charm - Everything You Need!