Align with your Source

When you want to align with our Higher Self, with our Source, we do so by raising our vibrational frequency. Source is a very high, fast, vibe, and it's above the static of negative energy.


We achieve a higher vibe by surrounding ourselves with other things of high frequency. Things like love, joy, laughter, fun. One great way to do that is through aroma.

Sandalwood is known to vibrate to pure positive energy, to light. Darkness cannot exist in its presence. Its energy will enhance all positive magics, worship, communion, spiriuality, psychic energy, healing.


Incense King fragrance oils are made using only the finest quality, pure aromatic oils. Each fragrance is hand blended to perfection, giving a clean aromatic scent that is sure to please the olfactory senses. Designed to be used with oil diffusers.


Contains 15 ml.


*Fragrance oils are not pure essential oils. Full strength essentials would be too strong for use in an oil warmer. Fragrance oils contain some of the essential oil in an unscented oil suspension, ideal for use with oil warmers.

**Not for human consumption.

Fragrance Oil: SANDALWOOD, 15 ml.