Hold the pendulum by its 7" chain (included,) open your mind, and wait. After you've cleansed your new pendulum, get to know its language by asking it, "Show me yes." And then see what it does. "Show me no." And see what it does. And so on. For some, circular motions mean yes, and straight back & forth movement means no. For others it's clockwise (deosil) for yes, counterclockwise f(widdershins) for no. Using over the belly of a pregnant woman, a circle traditionally means girl, and a straight swing means boy. 


Choose from Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Quartz Crystal, Yellow Aventurine, Peach Moonstone, or Blue Pearl Larvakite.


*Note from Maggie: Your favorite TV witches do not know how to use a pendulum. One does not simply swing it in wild circles until it flies from one's hand, and interpret its landing site as an omen. :) We recommend you download USING YOUR PENDULUM in LadyHawk's Book of Shadows. <---Click to download

Gemstone Pendulums