Free bottle of fragrance oil and tea light candle.


*Oils are not for human consumption or use on skin.
I decided to bundle each of these beautiful ceramic oil warmers with your choice of a free bottle of  essential fragrance oil (what that means is below) and a free tea light candle. The warmer is ceramic and measures 3" tall by 3" in diameter. The lotus petals cutouts allow the tea light to shine through, while it warms the oil and fills your space with aromatic energy.


Read about the oils' properties below. Select your oil elsewhere on the page.


Scents include:

Amber-Sandal Blend (10 ml)  The high spiritual vibration of sandalwood with the ancient power and earth energy of amber. It's a lightning bolt connecting above and below. A conduit for energy. An opening of channels.


Dragon's Blood (10 ml) For power. Adds fiery energy to anything you do. Dragon's are competitive and proud, and have reason to be. They are power, untamed. Energy in its purest form. It is up to the user to control and direct it. 


Frankincense (10 ml) Deemed holy and pure, extremely valuable. It was a gift considered worthy by kings to offer the Christ child, according to biblical texts. Equivalent of gold. Of purity and great value, great worth. Elevates the energy to that of great worthiness. Empower's oneself with the essence of kings and gods, claim your value as equivalent to theirs, because it is.


Musk (10 ml)  An earthy, sensual energy that emanates an aura of attraction. Added to any goal or visualiztion, prayer or spell, it becomes a magnetic beam. Attract that which you desire with the scent of musk. Channel Cleopatra. At the same time it's energy repels any would be competitors or challengers, or anyone with negative intent, without any sort of pushing away. It repels by radiating your true inner power. 


White Sage (10 ml) Ancient wisdom, the power of earth, all knowledge, and pure positivity so strong it repels all lower vibrations. They just fall away. This is most widely known herb. Everyone knows sage is is what you use to clear negative energy from your space, but few know why it works that way. It's not chasing anything away, it's simply filling the space and raising it and all within it to a higher vibration. It changes the station on our radio dials. Or rather, it compels us to, when our attention is on its aroma, its smoke, its energy. Waft smoking sage over your body, and you feel differently. With the oil, you can have its energy in your space all the time.

Sandalwood (15 ml)

Sandalwood is known to vibrate to pure positive energy, to light. Darkness cannot exist in its presence. Its energy will enhance all positive magics, worship, communion, spiriuality, psychic energy, healing.

And three pre-mixed blends, 15 ml each, each made of oils with properties known to match the energy signature of their magical goal, which is also their name.

Love (15 ml)

Prosperity (15 ml)

Good Fortune (15 ml)


*Fragrance oils are not pure essential oils. Full strength essentials would be too strong for use in an oil warmer. Fragrance oils contain some of the essential oil in an unscented oil suspension, ideal for use with oil warmers.


**Not for human consumption. Not for use on skin. Wash your hands after use. Strong scents can irritate allergies. 

Green Lotus Oil Warmer