These giant 8" long bundles do their cleansing, vibration raising work without even being burned. I love just having them around. But I smudge too. Especially after company. 

For comparison, the average iced tea glass is 8".  


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Jumbo Smudge Bundles: Lavender or Lavender & Sage

  • To Use: You'll need a fireproof dish of some kind to use as a smudge pot. I've used pottery bowls, an abalone shell, even my cauldron for this. I'm looking eagerly for the right smudge pots to carry here in the shop, and some are on the way. Try some things and see what you like. You probably have something at home you can use. 

    The smudge pot's purpose is to be carried underneath the sage to catch the ashes. If you have to set your bundle down for a moment, the bowl is useful for that, and when you've finished, you'll want to crush the burning end of your bundle gently into the bottom of the bowl to put it out. Light one end of the sage with a lighter, and let it flare up for a second or two, then shake the flames out.

    You should have a nice clouds of smoke billowing from the bundle now.

    Holding the sage in your dominant (projective) hand, and your bowl in your free hand, underneath it, (as is comfortable and feels natural,) walk around your house, waving the bundle gently to waft its smoke into all the nooks and crannies.

    Walking in a counter-clockwise (widdershins) direction is the traditional thing for banishing, but since focusing on anything keeps it stuck to you, and makes it grow, I prefer a different method. I walk clockwise (deosil) and focus on filling the space with light and love and joy and every positive aspect of the herbs. 

    Negative energies cannot remain in the presence of such a vibration, and dissipate immediately. It isn't that they leave, actually, it's that we have changed our channel and are now pulling in a signal that's out of their range. We can't tune them in anymore. That's all. 

    When you've filled the entire house, crush the burning end into the bottom of the smudge pot until it stops smoking, and leave it right there, for safety, until you need it again.