Moon Water

It's the modern Witch's version of holy water. Made right here at Serenity, in sacred space during the new moon in Virgo, blessed and empowered by a High Priestess. I charged this water to the moon and back.


Moon water is never supposed to be exposed to any other source of light besides that of the moon. To help with that, we use blue glass bottles to keep external light out. The bottles are reusable and come with a dropper inside the cap. 



Moon water is used in countless magics and rituals. It brings the energy and magic of the moon, in this case, the new moon in detail oriented Virgo, into your work. I only have


  • Dab on the body for rituals of self-blessing
  • Dab on the third eye before divination
  • Asperge sacred space by sprinkling
  • Use in house cleansing & blessing rites
  • Cleansing and blessing of magical tools
  • Use in the symbolic great rite
  • Wear in a small vial around neck
  • Charge and dispense for any magical purpose
  • Bless bride and groom before wedding
  • Dab on the belly for a pregnancy blessing
  • Sprinkle on the threshold to allow only positive beings to enter your space


This being new moon water, it will give an extra special whallop to magic for new beginnings, new projects, new businesses. It's excellent for any sort of launching a new project type work.


50 ml Blue Glass Bottles

Caps include a built-in dropper

Do Not Drink. Not for internal consumption.


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Ladyhawk's Moon Water - New Moon in Virgo