A Wiccan High Priestess and Elder who is also a Law of Attraction coach and teacher decided the two disciplines could each enhance and empower the other. The Law of Attraction is, after all, the framework that tells us how and why natural magic works. 


Everything I learned in 20-ahem-years of studying, practicing and teaching natural magic, is fully explained by the Law of Attraction. The Rule of 3, The Law of Vibration or "Like attracts like." The reasons certain colors, stones, herbs, oils, phases of the moon, times of the day, and so on, can power up magical goals. 

Using the two disciplines in is like adding vervain to a brew. It makes your magic GO!


Level up!

You are more powerful than you ever knew.


Morning Devotional

I am one with the light from above,

One with the darkness below,

One with the moon, one with the sun,

One with the green things that grow,

One with the beast that roam with me here,

One with the earth and sky,

One with the Whole since before I was born,

And will be long after I die.

~Magick and the Law of Attraction: A User's Guide, pg 103


Magic and The Law of Attraction: A User's Guide