Here is how to prepare what some call "holy water" and I call Moon Water" for use. It's handy for cleansing new ritual tools, self-blessing rites, sprinkling around to raise the vibratioin, and using in all kinds of magical ways. 

I keep hearing from customers who were expecting their purchases to come with instructions for use. :) The truth is, there's no right way to do anything. There's only your way. But if you want to know some of my ways, I've decided to offer some pages straight from my own personal Book of Shadows that will include some basic, (traditional the way I learned it,) rituals and rites. I'm trying to address the things people most often ask about too, and then I'll add things I think you might enjoy. 

In the Craft, an equal exchange of energy is said to be crucial to magic. These pages from my most treasured book of wisdom cannot be free. They are 99¢ per download. I recommend you print them on parchment, punch holes and add them to your own collection. 


You are not to share these. The energy exchange, the coin for the spell, is an important part of the magic. To share breaks the pact, and the energy returns to its source. 

Magic works because you treat it as sacred. It works because you believe in it. Treat these pages as sacred texts for which you traded fairly. Treat them as hallowed, and hallowed they'll be. 

Making Moon Water