I am over the moon in love with these mini-mortar and pestle sets. The colors are vivid, their designs lovingly engraved into their faces. They're about 3.5" wide from lip to lip, and a little shy of 3" tall. Choose from midnight blue Tree of Life design, Vivid green Triquetra (aka Triskelion,) or a vivid purple the popular triple moon-pentacle symbol. Each comes with a natural colored soapstone pestle.


Tip from Maggie: Grinding your herbs with mortar and pestle is so much more condusive to magic and healing than using an electric grinder. The rhythmic crushing of the herb becomes a meditation. And as you focus on the goals, the energies you're wanting this herb to bring to your work, you supercharge and evoke that energy. This isn't magickal prep work. It's part of the charm. 

Mortar & Pestle, Soapstone

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