Mudras–special finger and hand position exercises which transform our hands into real "powerhouses."


The mudras display a correspondence with the more widely known yoga exercises and like them, they help to strengthen the flow of life-energy within minutes; they have a fortifying effect on all levels and reduce stress.


  • Mudras to relieve physical complaints
  • Mudras to cope with stress
  • Mudras for mental refreshment
  • Mudras for mental and emotional equilibrium
  • Mudras for spiritual development


Gertrud Hirschi is a bestselling author who has gained a worldwide reputation with her books on yoga and mudras. He mudra books have even been translated into Hindi and are recommended in India.


The artist Vreni Erzberger has made a small work of art out of each illustration.


Everything you need to use a mudra can be found directly on the card itself.


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MUDRAS - 68 Card Deck and Booklet