These single terminated polished points are about 3 inches long by 1 inch wide at the base. They were hand-picked for best transparency and most fascinating tourmaline inclusions.


Quartz crystals, also called "The Witch's Mirror," are the most frequently used crystals in magic, healing, and divination.


Tourmaline, the dark crystal shooting through the quartz like arrows of power, strengthens bonds of friendship, assists with success regarding money, and business, promotes courage, energy and astral projection. It empowers all that moves through it.


The Quartz Crystal is bolstered by the tourmaline and the shape of the single terminated end, to create a highly projective crystal, perfect for controlling and directing energy. In magic, your will shoots from your projective hand through the crystal toward the pointed tip. But it zigs-zags like lightning, gathering power with each bolt of tourmaline it follows.

These are powerful stones. And this is a fantastic price.


"Like holding the power of Gaia in my hand."

~ Maggie Shayne

Polished Tourmalated Quartz Crystals

  • When a new crystal arrives, most users perform two steps. Cleansing and charging.

    Cleansing your crystal: Cleansing is done to remove any stray energies your stones has picked up along the way. Lots of people have handled it before it mades its way to you, after all. 

    Method 1: Put your stone into a mesh bag. Knot the bag well. Place in natural running water such as a stream, brook. Leave it overnight. Take home, pat dry. 

    Method 2: Wrap your stone in a paper towel. Then bury your stone in salt. You can do this in a bowl in your kitchen. Leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse, pat dry. Be sure to pour the someplace salt off your property or bury it in the earth.

    Method 3: Wash your stone, and then place it in the path direct sunlight, in the brightest place you can find. Do this for 3 consecutive days, and your stone should be cleaned. 

    Charging Your Crystal

    Charging your crystal up is just like plugging in any appliance. It needs energy to run, and you want your crystal to have your unique energy. You might also want it to perform specific sorts of tasks. If you plan to use it for healing, or for divination, for example, you can charge it for those purposes.

    Sit quietly, holding your stone in both palms. Keep your mind on the things you'll use it for, or if it's a general stone, just sit there loving it. As the stone warms and vibrates in your hands, you'll know it's filling. 

    Do this for at least 15 minutes. 

    Now your crystal is ready for use!