No snakes were harmed! 
The friendly, non-venomous garter snakes gave me these. Ever since we started putting in waterfalls and streams and ponds around here, we've been finding shed skins left behind by freshly reborn snakes. When they're shedding, their eyes go milky white. The shedding is a powerful symbol of death and rebirth. They vibrate to the energy of transformation. 

Shed snake skins are gifts from the snakes. I like to think they are thanking us for all the lovely stones. They bask on the big rocks, and rub through the smaller stones to help them shimmy out of their skins.  They can let the spray wet them down if anytime they like. We rarely see them, probably a handful of times every summer. Snakes love us. We love them back. Our space is in a constant state of transformation. 


I realized I would never need so any beautiful skins, and yet they are rare and precious to me. I have decided I can part with these seven, sending them on their way to their next home. 


Snakes skins can be used in any magic that involves transformation. The kind where you're letting go of old crap that weighs you down. Cutting away the anchors. The kind where you emerge, evolved into exactly who you want to be.  

Keep it in the workspace for magic focused on great change 
Use it in a charm bag for transformation

Sleep with it under your pillow to invoke dreams that answer your questions. (But protected, you don't want to shred it.)


There are unlimited ways to add the snake skin's vibrational energy of transformation to your work. It's only limited by your imagination. Some spells call for ground snake skin. I would sooner shred the Mona Lisa. 


Choose your skin under OPTIONS below. They are individually priced. Descriptions below. Each option has photos with it. So browse and let us know what you think. 


Oh, and if they ship alone, these will ship in the US via 1st class in a small box for around $4. The system will charge you for Priority, but we'll refund the difference right away. 



Snake 1: $40.00
27" Long by 3/4" wide at its widest point, this snakeskin includes the full head, with clear, shiny film eyes. The full head is there, but rather curled. See image. Could be easily straightened by gently placing a weight on it for a few days.


Snake 2: $45.00

Over 38" Long by over an inche wide at widest point. This is a huge, gorgeous skin, however, it is in two pieces, severed in half by a weed whacker. It's still magnificent. Wide, and thick, dark hued. Head includes the glassy eye film. You get both halves. I hate to separate her.


Snake 3: $35.00

The only flaw is a 1" break in the belly scales. This baby is 27 1/2" long by about an inch wide at widest point. Full head, glassy film eyes. 


Snake 4: $50.00
This one is perfect, the best of the bunch.  Smooth, soft, not dry at all, undamaged, full 27" length, over an inch wide at widest, full head with shiny eye film. 


Snake 5: $25.00
Small but mighty! She's 14 3/4" long by 1/2" wide at her widest point. Pefect full head with glassy film eyes. She is missing the very tip of her tail.


Snake 6: $25.00

This one was out in the weather for a bit before we found it, so it's a bit more worn looking. It is 23" long by about 2/4" wide at its widest point. Mostly complete head with both eyes bearing that shiny glasslike film. 



Snake Skins -SHED- $25 - $50