It took me about 15 minutes of experimentation to get my singing bowl to sing, so I know for sure these work. There are lots of youtube videos on how use them, but mainly, you need to set aside some quiet time and treat it like a meditation, rather than a cool new toy. I found I had to have the right angle on my bowl. I tried holding it in my palm as one video suggested, fingers splayed, not wrapped, but I had zero results. Then, I set it on its included pillow and stood above it. This was right for me.


As I moved the small mallet around the outside of the bowl, aiming for the upper edge with light pressure, at first nothing happened. But once I was standing above it, it took only a few slow revolutions before the humming began. The ringing continues after you stop.


Its vibration continues endlessly, it just goes below the range our human ears can interpret. 

If the tone begins to chatter, your bowl is talking to you, and you need to slow down, so you can listen.

Using the singing bowl is meant to be a meditation. Its tones reverberrate through you to your core, and out into the Universe, and gently bring things into harmony. They are healing, uplifting, powerful tools for your well being. 


Made in India


“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” 
― Joseph Campbell

Tibetan Singing Bowl