The Magic Shop

Ostara Sale

A collection of specially priced items to celebrate the arrival of spring and the Vernal Equinox, a time of hope and rebirth.


Puffed gemstone hearts, gemstone runes, chakra pendants, tumbled gemstones, crystal points, and crystal pendulums for divination.

Tools of Divination

Tarot, Runes, Spirit Boards, Pendulums. Magical tools to help you tune in the wisdom of your guides.

Book A Reading

I do Tarot-intuitive readings through email. Just click the button below to go to our readings page and learn more!

Incense burners

Back Flow burners defy gravity! 

Our stick & cone burners are works of art. Collection is constantly changing.

Garden Dragons

Fruit & Veggie inspired dragons match cards from the Field Guide to Garden Dragons Deck, also featured in this collection.

Maggie Shayne Novels

Every title we have, including some in e and others that are out of print and hard to find. Browse the stacks.

Altar Tools


Mortars & pestles, carved wooden boxes, cauldrons, statuary, and our favorite item, the all-purpose Witch's boot.

Book of Shadows

Spells, rituals, and wisdom in downloadable files. Pages from my personal Book of Shadows

Magic Supplies

Oils, herbs, potions, & brews! 

Our homegrown collection of herbs and infusions is expanding, so check back often.



Record your dreams, your spells, your journeys. Collect and create rites and magic until you have a grimoire all your own


Browse every product in the shop. You will absolutely find something that makes your heart sing. Witch's Honor!