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Unconditional Bliss

This morning, just before we went out for our morning doggy walk, I said, “We’re going to see red-winged blackbirds today.” We haven’t seen them since fall. They flew south for the winter, as they always do. But for the past 3 days, I’ve been feeling them near, and I just knew this morning was the day I’d see them. I’m so glad I said it out loud, because as soon as I opened the back door and stepped outside, their songs were everywhere. Here, I captured one in the grandfather maple, chirrrring his heart out.

It’s not a beautiful song, but it always fills my heart with sheer elation to hear them. That’s because I know spring is not far behind, and spring also lifts me up high.

Is that 'conditional' joy?

Yes it is. Let’s talk about that a little. We coach people to be happy, unconditionally. Which means, no matter what’s going on around you, no matter what others are doing, no matter anything else, you are happy, positive, upbeat, joyful, kind, easy, satisfied most of the time simply because you choose to be. 

That means if someone is rude to you, you shrug it off and return to your default setting. happy. If someone cuts you off, you have a momentary flash of anger, then you return right back to your default setting. Happy. This is true mastery of your vibration, when you can maintain a state of satisfied or better, regardless of what’s going on around you. That is, unconditionally. (Because everything happening around you is a condition.)

Because we have no control over conditions, we can’t allow conditions to determine our mood. But most people do. Most are:
“It’s sunny outside, I’m happy!”
“It’s freezing outside, I’m miserable.”
“Work was great today, I’m happy!”
“Work sucked today, I’m cranky.”
“I have lots of money this week. I’m happy!”
“I am broke this week. I’m irritated.”

So they’re bouncing around at the whim of ever-changing, ever-uncontrollable conditions. They are letting conditions determine not just their mood, but the power of their connection to their Source. 

Source is always happy

Source understands that all experience expands the Whole. The unpleasant times makes us want better ones, and our desire for better creates better, and the Whole of existence improves. Now, when we see things the way our Source sees things, we are aligned and tuned in. We know things before they happen. We need only think about something to have it show up. We are manifesting miracles left and right.

I am aligned most of the time. I have my bad days. I know them for what they are, blocks between me and my Higher Power. They have nothing to do with whatever condition I blame for them, and in fact, any “bad” condition is my own creation. The block had to come first. When you block your well being, you’re not gonna have a good time.  

 Spending time outside, physical exercise, meditation, or taking a nap are all very good ways to snap myself back to good. If all else fails, I just keep my head down, don’t talk to anybody, and wait for the blahs to pass. If all else fails, I sometimes binge watch Disney movies. I love Disney movies. 

More to it

So yes, feeling a surge of ecstasy because the blackbirds have returned is conditional. I’m happy because of a condition. But look at the difference between these two statements. 

  1. I can ONLY feel good when conditions are good. And I can’t feel anything but bad when conditions are bad.
  2. I am mostly happy, regardless of any conditions. 

See the difference there? There is no reason not to let wonderful events and experiences thrill you right to your chubby little toes. It’s part of what we came here to do!

And furthermore, staying mostly happy most of the time is going to have the bonus side effect of creating more peak experiences in our existence. And why have great times, if not for the sheer joy they bring? 

There you go

That’s my bit about conditional vs. unconditional joy. The more I meditate, the more time I spend noticing and basking in every pleasure I encounter, the more I follow my bliss and do what my heart calls me to do with my time, the more aligned I am every day, day in and day out. And when you spend more time in tune with Spirit than not, more of what your desires have created, can manifest in your here and now experience. 

Springtime has an energy like nothing else. If you tune in, you can really feel it. It seeps through your skin, right into your chest, and spreads out into every cell of your body. Sunshine suffuses you, spurring your body to release endorphins. Your mood lifts. Your heart sings. Your lips smile without your permission. 

It’s the energy of youth, of children and babies, of newborn nature. It’s the energy of rebirth. It’s real, and it’s powerful. It inspires us to just rise up to match it.

Here’s another video (really just audio.) This is my favorite springtime song by Lisa Thiel. I post it every Ostara. And while the Vernal Equinox isn’t until the 19th, I’m already singing it. 







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