11 years ago

You know it just hit

You know it just hit me that I’m having fun with this brief separation. Oh, I miss him like crazy, but finding musical blues gems by gifted women, and posting them and my thoughts here is enjoyable. I so love music–it’s like my life has a soundtrack to it, one that’s constantly running in my head, and one that gives me a lot of bliss.

And I’ve come up with a new bit of wisdom. If a couple want to be happy together, they have to be able to be happy apart. Being happy apart means you’re secure in the relationship. It means you know you are loved. It means you have a life of your own, with a whole lot of aspects to it that don’t revolve around your partner. It means you’re a whole person. And that’s a good thing. =)

I was thinking that blogging about missing my man wasn’t a very independent, subversive, empowered woman type of thing to do. But now I think otherwise. I think you can be all of those things, and be in love too.

Okay, now I’m going to watch Pasty sing again, and then it’s time to get to work!

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